[The key to STRATEGIC storytelling] 

What's the best story you've heard recently? Think for a moment. What made it so memorable? Storytelling is ingrained in us all and can be a powerful asset to your brand. First you need to feel confident about the story you're telling. We're not fiction writers. We're strategists that work with you to uncover the essence of your brand and through collaboration and fact-based research help bring your authentic brand story to life.

Your story awaits....


Analyze, Strategize, Customize

Our approach focuses on three steps: analyze, strategize, and customize. By focusing your strategies on objective information, we're able to create custom brand strategies for each client. Whether you're a new brand looking to launch or an established company looking for a refresh, our approach clearly defines your story and shares it in a way that effectively engages your audience.

LOHF Brand Guidelines.jpg

Brand Architecture

[a framework for success]

The first stage in building a house isn't to select the paint. You start with a foundation and a framework. This is how we build brands. First, we collaborate with you to define what you want to achieve. With these goals as our blueprint, we begin to develop and build from a strategic foundation.


Campaign Development

[bringing it all together]

Campaigns are a distinct chapter in the overall story of your brand. Whether you're launching a new offering, establishing new company values or starting a capital campaign, we can build a cohesive story to engage your audience and accomplish your goals.