At our core, we are truly makers and storytellers. 

To us, well told stories are timeless. Clearly communicated stories hold immeasurable value to your audience.  No doubt, familiar stories relayed at holiday parties this season validate the ageless impact of a good story.


Good stories and thoughtful gifts...

HARD to beat.

At NXT we know that a gift is only as valuable as the thought (and hard work) that you put into it. As makers, it’s important to us that our gift reflects the labor that we put into your projects throughout the year.


Thanks for a SOLID year!

It would be extremely hard to enter this season of giving without first thanking you for giving NXT so much of your time, resources and trust throughout the year.

We are so blessed to have clients such as you. In warm appreciation of our association during this past year, we extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season!


Solid ideas—like good stories, can carry a weight all their own and stand the test of time. They take creativity, planning, hard work, passion and a commitment to excellence.  Anything else would be ordinary. And ordinary is not how NXT rolls.


A light bulb goes off...

Well, 62 of them to be exact. The concept of handcrafting concrete lightbulbs was sparked by a desire to tell the story of our services using an authentic and unique method. Having the tenacity to push through the challenges of drilling out the bases, filling delicate glass with thickening concrete, overcoming broken bulbs and suffering dried-out hands came from that commitment to excellence we mentioned earlier.


Put a bow on it!

We all know that the beauty of a narrative lies in all of the nitty-gritty details. They give context and texture. It’s what personalizes the experience for your audience and lets them know what matters to you most. Put your bulb back in it's box and close it. It fits like a glove, right? And the messaging on that hang tag must have been enticing enough to invite you here to our landing page. If you’re like us, you recognize the value of creating a satisfying user experience. Just like a good story, told strategically. And that's what we love to do at NXT.