Lancaster Rec & McCaskey High School


Since 1909, the Lancaster Recreation Commission has been charged with creating a safe place for youth living within the boundaries of the School District of Lancaster to participate in sports and physical activity. While they serve youth from all economic backgrounds, for over a decade they have had a specific interest in helping children of low-income families who historically are unable to participate equally in these activities. 


To increase participation, Lancaster Rec, in Partnership with the School District of Lancaster hired NXT Creative for strategic direction and identity creation to launch the Future Red Tornadoes Initiative: a campaign to help children become the athletes today that will fuel the McCaskey Red Tornadoes of the future. This scholarship campaign sought to overcome the barriers preventing youths of Lancaster from participating in youth sports by meeting key challenges facing lower-income and multi-ethnic families in our area. 



By creating a new brand as well as key messaging outlined in the case for support featured above, we were able to send a clear message that the people of Lancaster believe in the benefits of sports, and stand behind the school district’s teams, while preparing our youth to lead more active, healthy lives in the future.