The Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation was looking to write a new chapter in their story. One that positioned them more as a local catalyst towards holistic well-being instead of a foundation focused on supporting osteopathic professionals. Using our own holistic approach, we worked with the LOHF team to build a new brand that helped them to move into this new chapter with both confidence and clarity.


Through our branding process we developed a new brand positioning for LOHF focused on Advancing Resources For Healthier Outcomes, and crafted a logo that was both consistent with their personality, and provides scalable room for growth. We then organized these brand elements into brand standards to ensure that the brand story can be told both effectively and consistently.


By putting these standards into use, we developed a variety of collateral materials such as their annual report and website. It's always a rewarding project to help an organization like this advance, and in turn bolster their impact on the lives in our community. 


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