With over 80 years and four generations of family leadership, Paul Risk Construction (PRC) has built their reputation on a foundation of client trust. Through brand-research, design and video, we helped them to bring their unique story to life.


Through our research, we discovered that construction isn't just their business, it's their identity. A thumbprint icon was the perfect fit. To create their new mark, we captured the thumbprints of three generations of PRC leadership, and customized the logo using features from each print. This not only resulted in a unique mark for the company, but was a subtle way to reinforce the reality that their name is behind each project they take on. By approaching each partnership with this mindset, they continue to build their legacy -- a legacy built on trust.


With a brand focused on trust, we realized the importance of allowing PRC's clients to tell their unique stories. We served as a full-service partner to capture and edit photos and produce short testimonial videos of their clients speaking about their experience with PRC. This allowed us to build a catalog of content for their website as well as future videos and sales collateral.


In addition to creating client testimonial videos, we produced a launch video (seen below) that premiered at their brand kick off event. 


Once the new identity was made public, we had a blast working with their team to create custom collateral. From business cards to their website, and presentations to cigar labels, we were able to bring the new brand to life, and launch PRC into the next chapter of their story.

To be continued...