RETTEW is on the move. Having grown from a four person firm to over 350 employees in five states, company leaders realized the need to ensure that their culture spread alongside their growing workforce. To make this happen, we worked with RETTEW to develop the "We are RETTEW to the Core" campaign focused on selecting ambassadors that optimized each core value and using their stories to educate the RETTEW workforce.


Serving as a full-service partner, we captured photos of each ambassador and featured them on posters and in the campaign launch video which included company President and CEO Mark Lauriello explaining the reasoning behind the campaign. 

With the goal of engaging the RETTEW employees to not only understand the core values, but to live them out each day, we created multiple layers of communication. These layers ranged from building general awareness through the posters, to more in-depth education in the video, and a digital field guide where employees could nominate future ambassadors to be featured in the next wave of collateral.


This is what we mean by strategic storytelling: to help a company expand their amazing culture while being able to flex our creative muscles through photography, video, design and strategy.


But wait, there's more!